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WFDY condemns the EU-India Free Trade Agreement

Statement from WFDY HQ

"The World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the European Union-India Free Trade Agreement as an imperialist plot in the interest of financial and pharmaceutical monopolies amongst others and to the detriment of the workers in both the countries of Europe and India.

The cynical ploy to re-introduce bonded labor to Europe whilst privatizing and handing to transnational monopolies the India economy, and all public procurement, will serve only to increase social dumping, damage collective rights and lower terms and conditions in Europe and to increase precarity and instability in India.

The FTA will see a reserve army of bonded labor, without enforceable employment rights, brought into Europe to be exploited and also further entrench neo-liberalism in the Indian economy".

Budapest, July 20, 2011 The CC/HQ of WFDY

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