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Greek Workers Strike Against EU Austerity 28-29 June

All Workers Militant Front (PAME)

48 hour General Strike on 28-29 June

PAME, the working class of Greece, Greek and immigrant workers, women, young workers, students, self-employed, small farmers gave one of the most important struggles of the last decades with great success. The 48-hour strike, the massive demonstrations of PAME in 65 cities all over Greece were a big step forward to the organization of the working class, for our counterattack against the anti-labor policies of the Greek Government(social democrats), IMF and EU. Against the propaganda of the capitalist-owned media, the provocateurs that tried to prevent workers from demonstrating peacefully, the working class of Greece showed that it does not and will not surrender.

The strike was successful. From early Tuesday morning the forces of PAME guarded the strike. Factories were emptied, multinationals stopped working; means of Public Transport were on strike. Construction sites, schools, hospitals, public services, hotels were closed. Workers from every part of Athens gathered in the center of Athens in the morning and in the afternoon in 2 huge demonstrations.

On Wednesday the participation was even bigger and the demonstration lasted more than 7 hours. Messages from trade unions from all over the world were read expressing the solidarity among the workers of the world against the capital.

PAME denounced the provocative actions of a few dozen masked people, who with the riot police, tried to slander the great success of the strike and the demonstrations. They did not succeed. After this struggle, the Greek working class is more experienced, more determined and better organized. PAME is stronger for the struggles to come.

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