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DENNY ON EU SUMMIT: Beware the great deception

The Coalition may appear ‘spilt’ on approach but it's united on strategy....reduce Britain's productive sector, ship jobs out and cheap labour in, reduce workers' rights and welfafe protection, hand over control of finance, borders and foreign policy to a Brussels mafia led by German capital. Brian Denny analyses the latest sea step towards an EU superstate.

No2EU spokesman Brian Denny writes…

"The spat at the summit was carefully choreographed between Cameron and French and German leaders for public consumption.

“Cameron had already agreed not to oppose further centralisation within the Eurozone at a meeting in Berlin weeks ago.

“The reality is that there is no veto as Germany is pushing ahead with full political union in the Eurozone.

“Berlin wants the proposed European Stability Mechanism (ESM) – which effectively hands budgetary policy in eurozone countries to the EU – to be in place by next summer.

“The ESM is fundamentally undemocratic and even indemnifies the private sector from any losses stemming from the economic crisis which means workers and their families will be footing the bill.

“It is basically what the Tories are doing already in this country except it is being imposed by the EU,” he said.

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