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Can economic scare mongering and promises of jam tomorrow deny us our democratic right?

The People's Movement issued a statement following a meeting of its Executive Committee on Sunday.

"Talk of possible new EU treaties “to save the euro” raises once more the fundamental question for democracy in this State – who can decide on further significant surrenders of sovereignty to the EU. Cynics might be excused for wondering what mixture of economic scare mongering and promises of jam tomorrow will be used to deny the people their say on what undoubtedly represents a new stage of the “great EU integration project”

The 1987 Crotty judgement of the Supreme Court lays down the principle that new EU Treaties that would extend the scope and powers of the EU and entail further surrenders of Irish sovereignty to Brussels and Frankfurt can only be made if the Irish people agree to them in an national referendum.

It is only the sovereign people themselves that can decide on further significant surrender of sovereignty to the EU. But this is a principle that hangs heavy on official Ireland in all its many manifestations.

Already the omens are not good.

Already the Government supported by Fianna Fail are poised to push through the Oireachtas measures to amend EU treaties and then to ratify a new treaty for the 17 eurozone countries to establish a so-called European Stability Mechanism (ESM) that would formally subordinate Ireland’s interests to those of “the stability of the euro area as a whole”, impose “strict conditionality” on countries receiving financial bailouts from an ESM fund and require the country to contribute €11 billion in capital and guarantees once the fund is set up in 2013.

So the people have already been denied a referendum on the ESM even though it would mean more power to the EU and represent in effect a permanent and treaty based supervision of our budget decision taking process ensuring a regime of austerity and debt servitude for the foreseeable future.

Gone is the nonsense of former years about “pooling sovereignty” Now we are required to give allegiance to a new sovereign. The question for the coming period is how we can defend our democracy in the face of this onslaught"

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