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AKEL on decision of Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament to discuss the issue of Turkey's threats at the plenum of the EP

The European Parliament will discuss this coming Tuesday at a plenary session level Turkey's threats against The Republic of Cyprus. This will be preceded by a Policy Statement of the Council of the European Union and European Commission and a debate will subsequently follow in the body.

AKEL welcomes this development as positive, as well as the backing of other Political Groups in including the issue in the agenda. This is an issue that was promoted to the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament by the Political Group of the European United Left after prior understanding with AKEL.

We expect that the discussion of the European Parliament will express the practical support and solidarity of the EU to the right of the Republic of Cyprus, an EU member state, to proceed to explore and utilise its natural riches within its Exclusive Economic Zone. Furthermore, we expect that a strong message will be conveyed to Turkey regarding the threats issued, the provocation of tension in the Eastern Mediterranean and the obligations it must undertake as an EU candidate country.

Besides, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) constitutes a part of the acquis communautaire which Turkey is obliged to respect and in the future adopt fully, regardless if Turkey itself is not contractual part of the specific convention.

Release Date: September 22, 2011

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