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Publications (inc non-Connolly Publications)

The Irishmen

Directed by Philip Donnellan in collaboration with musician Seamus Ennis, this film available in VCR format shares the life of the working Irish in Britain and celebrates their strength, skills and their contribution to the rebuilding of post war Britain

May Day Greeting Cards

A celebration of working-class solidarity – May Day cards produced by Northampton Connolly Association

Irish Democrat /Irish Freedom - on microfilm

First published in 1939 as Irish Freedom, the Irish Democrat is now available on six reels of 35mm microfilm (price £500)

The Missing Piece in the Peace Process

The Connolly Association pamphlet The Missing Piece in the Peace Process by Ken Keable has now gone into its second edition, with updates and revisions. Posted here is Chapter 10 followed by remarks added to the introduction for the second edition, published in June 2004

Socialism Made Easy

Classic Connolly text republished by the Scottish Socialist Party

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