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Tory Attacks on Irish Traveller Community


Demonstrate on Saturday Sept 10 against the £18 million eviction of 90 Traveller families from their homes and Eric Pickles's Localism bill. The eviction is likely to happen early in September and if it happens before September 10th, we will march to Dale Farm immediately

The Dale Farm estate is a former scrapyard bought by Traveller families and has existed since the 1970s. Basildon Council has targeting half the community for destruction, and has failed to provide alternative sites for families to move to. Families have been given until midnight on August 31st to abandon their homes or have them bulldozed. Basildon have voted to spend a third of its budget — £8 million demolishing the estate and turning people out onto the road. The policing of what could be a three-week operation has an additional price tag of £10 million, of which £6 million is being provided by the Home Office.

What's more, Eric Pickles's Localism bill will further destroy the Travelling community, removing the requirement of local council's to provide alternative sites.

Dale Farm Solidarity has called a demonstration starting at 1pm on Saturday Sept 10th. Join us at Wickford Train Station, a mere 30 minutes by train from London Liverpool Street Station. The march will then proceed to Dale Farm and Camp Constant , a base for human rights monitors and those who will engage in civil disobedience to stop the bulldozing.

If the eviction starts before the schedule demonstration, we will march immediately to Dale Farm. To sign up to a txt alert in case of eviction, or to spend a night at Dale Farm so that we have a constant presence there, visit:

Buses will also be available. Contact to find or confirm transport leaving from near you.


At their meeting on 20 June, the Camridge & District Trades Union Council resolved to stand in solidarity with residents Dale Farm who are facing eviction by Basildon District Council:

The residents of Dale Farm are living on land that they have bought. Gypsies and Travellers throughout the country were encouraged to buy land to live on after the requirement for local authorities to provide sites was removed. But cruelly when they did this local voices were mobilised to ensure that planning permission was not granted. So generations, from babies to grannies, live ‘illegally’ on their own land with all the uncertainties and dangers that implies.

The ‘legal’ argument made against the rights of the community at Dale Farm is based on the claim that they are encroaching on green belt land. This might be what appears on maps. But the truth is that prior to the community buying and settling this land it was a scrap metal yard! The local council and the objectors know this perfectly well. Behind the smokescreen of green belt land lies racism.

On the strength of this dishonesty and bigotry, the Tory leader of Basildon District Council trumpets the need to “Uphold the Rule of Law” against this community and has commited £8 million pounds of council reserves to the eviction with further expenditure provide the police with extra funds to assist with the eviction. This after previously pushing through a package of cuts on the basis that they could not eat into the Council's reserves!

The Council has commissioned the baillifs Constant & Co to carry out the eviction. This is a company known for its brutal evictions of Gypsy and Traveller sites.

Cambridge & District Trades Union Council believes that the persecution, harassment and eviction of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers in Britain is part and parcel of what is being carried out by the authorities France, in Italy and many Eastern Europe countries against Roma people.

The C&DTUC will

encourage all our affiliated trades unions to take part alongside other organisations and activists in Camp Constant being established to resist the eviction of Dale Farm.

will organise a delegation to join the demonstration on Saturday Sept 10th

will circulate material in support of the Camp and demonstration in Dale Farm

will organise a public meeting in Cambridge about Dale Farm, inviting residents of Dale Farm to speak.

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