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RMT Annual General Meeting 2010 reaffirms support for Irish unity

The Bakerloo Line Branch of the National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers submitted the following resolution on the reunification of Ireland to the RMT AGM 2010. The resolution was carried with 54 delegates for and 2 abstaining.

“That this Annual General Meeting welcomes the progress made to solve the problems in the North of Ireland since the Good Friday Agreement and the subsequent Peace Process.

However the Annual General Meeting is appalled to note that the Tory party leadership hosted a secret conference at Hatfield House together with sections of die-hard Unionism with a view to recreating a latter day version of the old Conservative and Unionist Party. This Union is alarmed at this attempt to re-cement one of the principle props of the sectarian six county statelet, that is the link between the main political party of the British ruling class, the Tories and the main political support of the Union with Britain in Ireland – the various Unionists groups. This can only be an attempt to prolong the current division of the island of Ireland and further delay Irish unity.

This Union therefore re-affirms its 20 year long policy of supporting Irish unity. We believe that this is a necessary, but by no means sufficient, precondition for the economic and social progress of the Irish people as a whole. Furthermore we believe that British Government Policy must now change to becoming a persuader for Irish Unity in order to create the conditions for the implementation of that part of the Good Friday agreement which allows for a referendum of the Irish people on either side of the border on the issue of re-unification, and creating the context for British withdrawal”.

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