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Martin McGuinness challenges Gallagher and Higgins to set out views on government austerity plans and EU/IMF bailout

Presidential candidate Martin McGuinness is canvassing in Dublin today. Before setting out he said, “This election represents a choice between the establishment parties and someone like me who stands with the people."

Mr. McGuinness said: “There is a choice in this election. It is a choice between the establishment parties and someone like me who stands with the people. The fact is that Sean Gallagher’s party wrecked the economy and Michael D. Higgins party are now making the people of Ireland pay for it. These parties are responsible for crushing austerity, emigration and unemployment. I would challenge both candidates to set out clearly their views on the austerity and the IMF/EU bailout deal.

“These parties tell us that there is no money for hospitals but any amount of money for banks and bondholders, no money for special needs teachers but plenty for huge pensions for disgraced bankers, politicians and civil servants. To them the idea of equality, citizenship and patriotism mean nothing.

“I stand for a real Republic where the rights of citizens come first – the right to healthcare, housing, employment and social services. In the Ireland of 2011 we still do not have such a Republic. The people can change that.

“People shouldn’t be disillusioned. Things can change. Now is the time for Ireland. Now is the time for people to come together. My commitment is to be a Peoples President and I am asking people to vote for real change to vote for someone who stand for jobs, fairness and decency.”

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