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All-Ireland Civil Rights Network plan

FOR more than two decades the Derry-based October 5th Association have employed computer technology to maintain linkages with other 1968 civil rights veterans, scores of similar groupings, the radio and print media,  and literally hundreds of  sympathetic  individuals, both at home and abroad. Now its local activists intend to deepen and broaden its work on several fronts, on an all-Ireland and global basis, by publicly launching an Irish Civil Rights Network on the web.

Organisers emphasis that the Network will be non-party political and anti-sectarian to realistically cater for the widest possible diversity of organisational and personal perspectives. Stage one of their plan is to arrange a civil rights re-union on October 5th 2011 and a local venue has already been booked. The organisers recognise the fact that in recent years several high-profile civil rights leaders have died, and therefore, are hopeful that the torch for human rights and civil liberties can confidently be  passed over to the younger generations.

Those interested in these developments are invited to make contact at the earliest opportunity, if they wish to attend a preparatory meeting in the near future. A number of civil rights veterans, including former Minister for Community Relations [1974], Ivan Cooper and Dr. Roy Johnson (Wolfe Tone Society, Dublin)  have publicly expressed their solidarity on Facebook for the proposal. Further information and invitations are now obtainable from Fionnbarra O ‘Dochartaigh, a co-founder of   NICRA [1967] who was the last secretary to serve on the Derry Citizens’ Action Committee. Early contact is recommended via  his Facebook page, 028-71-286359; Mobile: 07783660181 or the Civil Rights Network office on

A 40th anniversary commemorative website can be located on and other related educational sites on

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