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Irish Democrat on microfilm

A History of Change: Irish Freedom and the Irish Democrat 1939 - 2000

Now available on 6 reels of microfilm

  • The post-war years; Exiles Advisory Bureau; Irish workers help rebuild a shattered Britain; Fighting exploitation and exclusion.
  • The Irish as part of the British labour movement. The Irish as trade unionists and socialists in Britain.
  • The campaigns of Irish and British people agaimst the partition of Ireland.
  • The campaigns of the Irish and British for civil rights in Northern Ireland; The first civil rights march from Liverpool to London.
  • A social history of the Irish community in Britain; censorship, exclusion, the media, campaigns, support etc

Available from Connolly Publications Ltd, Four Provinces Bookshop, 244 Grays Inn Rd, London WC1X 8JR

Cost: £450.00 + VAT @ 17.5%. (price not inclusive of postage, packing and insurance for overseas customers.)

For further information contact Peter Mulligan. email:


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